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05/15/2017"Hello, The past few years I tried to purchase a home, but it was not the right time, my experience with about 4 agents was a bad one. They didn't reply in a timely manner, they didn't always have an answer to my questions, some I didn't even meet. One agent took two weeks to reply to my message (unacceptable). No follow up at all. I felt nervous and alone in my journey :( This time around, my son walks into Intero in The Street of Brentwood, and asks "Who is your best agent?" And they handed him Trish O'Connell's card. People, she's the best!!! Trish replies the same day or immediately (yes! jackpot I thought) she's very knowledgeable, very professional, respectful, is always in a good mood, she goes above and beyond for her clients, she's very organized, thorough and efficient, and has great follow up. I actually learned allot from her, because as you know there’s a mountain of paper work, and its a lengthy process, but she went over everything with me, one step at time. I felt as if she was holding my hand the entire time :) which gave me a peace of mind,that everything was going to be ok. Now I'm a home owner and I couldn't of done it without her assistance. She told me one day “Hey you're handling this very well, you're not stressing" And it was because I knew she had everything under control and it gave me a sense of comfort. Trish is also selling my mother's house, and in the beginning the house was not presentable to show, I needed to do some cleaning, so she shows up in her jeans to help me, yes she did. :) :) So if you want to enjoy the journey in buying or selling, and not feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, then contact Trish, you won't regret it. Trish is a God sent! Bought: 804 Cornsilk Ct, Brentwood, CA 94513